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You have your dream home in Lakewood Ranch. It is a few miles from the water. You enamored at the sight of the open gable roof, the Italian marble countertops and we wouldn’t even get started on the stationary windows. They are east facing, to welcome all that sunlight.

But it feels like something is missing, doesn’t it? It may not be the color scheme or the position of your Chesterfield couch. The perfect component to your haven may just be epoxy flooring.

Epoxy flooring is a type of plastic floor coating. This coat results from a mixture of hardening agents, resins, and other additives.

When mixed, these elements form a chemical reaction that will give your floor an elegant gloss.

This is a flooring project we believe can transform your floors and leave you with an A-list look.

Not yet convinced? Below we have covered the top five benefits of epoxy floors both your pocket and home will love.

1. Safe and Environmentally-friendly

Chances are, when you saw plastic and chemical reaction, you almost bolted out of this URL. We mean that is understandable. With the rate of climate change, it has never been more important to make environmentally sound decisions.

And that is why we are glad we can assure you that epoxy floors are safe, for both your family and the environment.

The epoxy coat-making process doesn’t employ any harmful materials. And since epoxy floors are durable, they will not need to be recreated time and again. This reduces the amount of energy and materials that would otherwise be required.

When done right, the flooring also reflects light. This can help illuminate darker rooms and reduce the likelihood of your toes finding furniture corners.

Did we also mention that epoxy floors are not slippery? Though the gloss may want to suggest otherwise, you wouldn’t have to worry about a slip and fall with this type of flooring.

2. Water-Resistant

Spills happen in every home and sometimes they leave you with stained flooring. But if you have made use of our epoxy flooring services, the probability of water damage reduces close to zero.

Since epoxy is an adhesive made of plastic, it is water-resistant. This means you won’t have to worry about water ruining your floor.

3. Cost Effective

In some cases, professional epoxy flooring services can come with a hefty price tag. But they are a worthwhile investment.

When installed the right way, epoxy flooring will not need replacing for a couple of years. And its maintenance costs run close to zero. This makes epoxy a smart financial move.

Its installation is also relatively cheaper compared to other flooring types.

4. Different Style Options

Epoxy flooring comes in an array of styling options. This allows homeowners to channel their inner Billy Baldwin. And give your home an extra layer of flair and aesthetic feel.

5. Protective

Epoxy flooring can add a layer of protection to your home. Since it is a type of coating that is fall and scratch resistant, you can use epoxy to protect your flooring and give it longevity.

Your Epoxy Flooring in Lakewood Ranch

Epoxy flooring is one of the best decisions you can make for your Lakewood Ranch home. Not only does it bring an added artistic layer to your home but it is safe and cost-effective.

If you are ready to bring your epoxy flooring Lakewood Ranch vision to life, we are the team to call. Furnished with years in flooring, we know what it takes to bring your dream to life.

Contact us today and find out how we can help.

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