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Decorating is what makes a space memorable. It gives it flavor and character. This is important regardless of whether you’re looking to spruce up a residential or commercial space.

Your garage, driveway, or warehouse space is no exception. Decorative concrete is a great way to make your Lakewood Ranch space look as individualistic as possible. Read on to learn the basics of these concrete floor styles.

Stained Concrete

One of the best methods used to make concrete decorative is staining. This happens when a professional takes color and injects it into the surface of the concrete.

Usually, this is done with an acid staining process. It’s durable and resistant to UV rays, making it a top choice for concrete that’s exposed to a lot of sunlight. Water staining and dye are also options.

Regardless of your decision, the color becomes part of the concrete’s body. It’s not just a surface-level coating.

This decorative concrete is awesome because you get a full range of colors. You can pick basically any hue you want and make your floor look perfect. You can enhance any decor scheme with a matching color or create any mood that you like.

Concrete Coatings

You can also use an epoxy concrete coating to decorate your Lakewood Ranch flooring. This has a lot of practical benefits because of its thickness and durability. Epoxy coating keeps your concrete clean and free of scratches, lasts for many years, and protects the surface.

Many people don’t think of it as decorative, but it very much is. Epoxy coating comes in a lot of different finishes. You can make your floor shine with something glossy or keep it simple with a matte look.

You also can get an epoxy coating that’s specially designed to look textured. It’ll be smooth to touch and walk on, but it also will have the speckled appearance of natural stone. Plus, since there are many different neutral hues to choose from, you’ll have a wide range of awesome options.

Choosing Your Concrete Floor Design

A professional can help you determine the best kind of decorative concrete for any space. It’s going to depend on the specific aesthetic you’re going for. It’s also going to depend on your needs when it comes to durability, your budget, and whether you’re working with a residential vs commercial space.

Look online at pictures of decorative concrete. Decide on a few styles you like and take those to the experts. They’ll help you figure out how you can emulate your favorite concrete floor styles so you can get the best design out there.

Get the Best Decorative Concrete Lakewood Ranch Has to Offer

Now that you know all about decorative concrete for commercial and residential flooring, it’s time to get started. Sunray is committed to providing you with high-quality durable floors at an affordable rate. Get a quote today and learn how you can spruce up your Lakewood Ranch flooring.

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